Our Mission

Our goal is to help the youth gain self-sufficiency through mentorship and economic empowerment while building community at the same time. Research has found that the future generation's chance of avoiding poverty is directly correlated with being given the necessary resources to pursue their dreams. We are solving the problem of poverty, oppression, imprisonment, and more more given knowledge, mindset, and community that represent financial literacy, ownership, entrepreneurship, and economics as a whole.


The Drive Behind T.F.I

Image all the kids who wanted to be owners, scientist, engineers, etc… but they couldn’t because of economic oppression and deprivation, while being forced to grow up fast. This is what Forigin is changing by giving resources that can push the current and next generation to follow their original and new dreams. Research has found that when you support a child and give them the resources for their goals they are 3 times more likely to be successful and aviod poverty.


Ted Gloster Jr

Founder/Executive Director

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